Thursday, March 22, 2007

PR TEAM- What We Did to Promote Our Blogs

The following is a list of all the ways we have promoted our blogs. There are some instructions are how to advertise your blog and some links and pictures to help make things a little easier.

Social Networking

There are a couple of ways we can promote our blogs through Facebook.

1. We started a group, we invited all of our friends, and last time I checked we had close to
100 members!!!
The group is called:
Check Us Out:We're BlOgGeRs!!
And the link is:

So everyone can click here, join if you haven’t already, and start sending invites to all of your

2. You also can post the main blog and your individual blog on your Facebook page, if you
have one. It’s really simple.

Click on My Shares on the column to the left or
GO TO and add the web addresses to the blogs


Simply, add the web addresses to both of the blogs in your personal information.


Over the last couple weeks Leo has been promoting the main blog on the
campus radio station WTSR-91.3 FM, every chance possible.


We weren’t able to advertise in the signal. The head editor informed us
that it would be $17.50 for a small amount of font and 5 cents per paper,
and since we don’t have the funds we weren’t going to be able to do it.


We created a flyer, had it approved, and posted them all over campus. You might have seen it around campus, if not check out the mini version above!

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