Tuesday, March 13, 2007

PR Team Plan #1


PR Team Plan #1

President- Melissa
Speaker- Michelle
Writer- Jenn
Liaison- Devon
Innovator- Leo

We are determined to spread awareness of our gender and pop culture blogs to a large variety of people through as many forms of mass media as possible. We want to gain the pinnacle amount of publicity as well as feedback from other individuals interested in pop culture.

In order to advertise our blogs to a large audience, we are going to take advantage of several forms of mass media, such as the internet, radio, and newspaper.

First, we are going to use the TCNJ radio station to promote our blogs to all the listeners. Since Leo works for the radio station, he is going to speak with his advisor to see if and when we can advertise. We hope to be able to advertise everyday during the week of March 19th, and possibly twice a week after that.

Next, we will use The Signal, TCNJ’s newspaper as a form of promotion. We have to first email the head of the paper to gain permission and to find out if there is a fee and what sizes the advertisement can be. We must contact the paper as soon as possible to see if we can advertise during March 19th issue. The ad would consist of a catchy headline referring to our different topics such as “Is Britney’s New Do, a DO?!” and will list the website to the blogs (www.genderpopculture.blogspot.com)

Third, social networks will be imperative for our blog promotions. We will use Facebook to reach out to college and some high school students. We will start a public Facebook group detailing the gender and pop culture class and each individual’s blog. We then will invite all of TCNJ’s network into the group as well as invite other school networks. Everyone will be able to link their Facebook page to their blogs and the main class blog. With Myspace, we will recommend that everyone mention their blog and provide a link on the Myspace page. In addition, we will send out messages to as many members as possible encouraging them to check out our blogs.

Lastly, we are going to try and hang up posters around campus and maybe nearby stores if allowed. We researched how to do this and http://www.tcnj.edu/~stuactive/posting.php explains precisely what we need to do to receive approval from Campus Activities to do this. We will need to use the campus copiers to make copies, and we believe this will cost about 7 cents per copy. The posters must be inviting and show in a flashy, attracting manner the wide array of topics that our blogs are covering, everything from Britney Spears, Beauty and the Geek, South Park, Grey’s Anatomy, etc. We ultimately want to lure students, teachers, and so on to hit the website and to voice their opinions. Another idea is to make little notes to place on all of the residents’ doors like other organizations do to promote their event or activity. We would probably have to go through the same procedures as the posters to gain permission to do this.

The social networking will be done as soon as possible since we do not need permission. However, the radio, newspaper, and posters we need to figure out the details and make sure everything is set up to be advertised during the week of March 19th when are blogs are ready to go. So we will get working on this stuff this week (February 26th ). Once we get all the details out of the way, everything can be down within a week, permitting us to be ready for the March 19th deadline.